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Didactic lectures can only go so far. There are some things in medicine which can only be learnt with practical, hands-on experience. Our workshops offer skill development, guidance from top physicians, and the chance to develop competencies in a safe environment so you can truly grow as a healthcare professional and do no harm.

Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-
Paramedic in Uniform
Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-

Basic Life Support

The Basic Life Support Workshop (accredited by the American Heart Association) is a crucial educational event that equips participants with life-saving skills. Learn the fundamental techniques required to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations that can arise anywhere, at any time. Gain confidence in responding to cardiac arrests, choking incidents, and other medical emergencies. This workshop enhances community resilience and empowers individuals to make a difference when faced with life-threatening situations. By promoting widespread knowledge of basic life support, we strive to create a safer and more prepared society.

Ticket Price : Rs 4000/-


Basic Surgical Skills

Enhance your surgical prowess with our immersive basic surgical skills workshop! From the first incision to the final suture, receive hands-on training with a wide range of surgical equipment from peerless surgeons. Get all your burning questions answered and safely hone your skills in a simulated environment so that you will do no harm when you someday don the scrubs. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your scrubs, pick up your scalpels, and carve out your future in the field of surgery!

Ticket Price: Rs 1000/-

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Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-


Take a step into the future with this one-of-a-kind VR workshop! Experience orthopedic surgery like never before, from behind the lenses of a VR headset. Handle orthopedic tools and perform surgical procedures in a virtual OR. Become a qualified surgeon without ever risking a patient. We hope to enlighten you to the exciting world of virtual reality and its application in basic orthopedic techniques.

Ticket Price: Rs 750/-

Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-

Management of labour

The wilderness recedes, kingdoms rise and fall, Gods walk and die alongside men. Since the dawn of human history, the only constant has been birth and the continued propagation of our stubborn, resilient species against all odds. 

Get hands-on training and learn to make the process of childbirth safer and simpler for both mother and child at our one-of-a-kind obstetric workshop! From interpreting CTGs to running obstetric drills and managing the many, many possible complications of labour when the clock is ticking, learn what it's like to hold two lives in your hands and deliver them from the clutches of the Reaper.

Ticket Price: Rs 500/-

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Image by Alexander Grey

Neonatal Resuscitation

It is a well-known statistical fact that around 10% of newborns require assistance to breathe at birth. For such newborns, the absence of a trained medical professional can prove to be fatal. Keeping this in mind, we bring to your our Neonatal Resuscitation workshop wherein you will learn the basics of the life-saving aid that will definitely serve you well and help minimize further injuries and complications, safeguarding not just a life, but the interests of the family and community at large!

Ticket Price: Rs 500/-


Murder Mystery

Calling all crime sleuths!

Step into the thrilling world of forensic medicine and sharpen your detective skills in our immersive murder mystery workshop!

This hands-on experience will take you on a captivating journey to solve a simulated murder case using the tools and techniques of forensic medicine.

Find yourself amidst a puzzling crime scene, gather all the clues and race against time to solve the mystery at hand.

Ticket Price: Rs 600/- for team of 2

                     Rs 850/- for team of 3

Please note that this event is open to second years and above only

Crime Scene Tape

Basics of operative ophthalmology

We see eyes everywhere -- from symbolism in paintings and billboard advertisements, to our own faces in the mirror. 

Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated by eyes; not just as things of beauty and as windows to the soul, but also as an example of a simply sublime scientific and biological phenomenon. Though we have come a long way since Plato and his theory of visual fire, there's still so much to be learnt about the structure, the processes and the phenomena of the eye.


Led by experienced faculty, you will have the opportunity to dissect an animal eye using surgical instruments and develop suturing skills, helping you to handle ophthalmology with increased confidence.

Ticket Price: Rs 650/-

Image by Md Mahdi
Image by Robina Weermeijer

Basics of ECG

The most nonchalant of signs may have the most serious implications. This workshop is curated to train delegates in analyzing electrocardiograms and recognizing cardiovascular abnormalities at early stages. Join us for pedagogic modules conducted by top physicians, hands-on demonstration of electrocardiography and interactive discussion regarding its clinical implications that will benefit patients who require high quality care.

Ticket Price: Rs 500/-

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