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Gain insight into various fields of medicine, thanks to our extremely qualified and esteemed speakers. Step into the shoes of a professional for a couple of hours and see what life is like after you graduate. Perhaps you'll even find your life's calling...

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Future after MBBS

You’re on this path now. What’s next? Is it clinical practice, or a lab-centric specialty? Perhaps you’d want to leave the practice entirely and veer into research or administration. The world is your oyster, only you can decide what lies ahead. However, our speakers can shed light on the options you have, help you weigh the pros and cons of each path, and aid you in following your dreams. Join us to explore all your options and engage in discussions with your peers. We hope you’ll walk away with more clarity than ever.

Ticket Price: Included with delegate fee

Literature retrieval

Does research appeal to you more than clinical practice? Do you want to learn a subject beyond what textbooks can teach? The Research Rafting event is a good place to get started! Knowing how to parse through scientific literature systematically and analytically is a priceless skill for any student of science, but the sheer volume of literature is daunting. Join us as our highly experienced speakers guide you to overcome the difficulties you’re likely to face. Learn about literature retrieval and the pragmatic use of apps like Zotero manage voluminous data. You’ll be making your own meta-analyses in no time!

Ticket Price: Included with delegate fee

Sports medicine

Television networks broadcast only the guts and the glory of your favourite sportsmen. Injuries sustained on the field are rarely ever followed up - chronic pain, slow recovery, physiotherapy, and frustrations seldom get good ratings. However, as medical professionals in training, you have the unique opportunity to look behind the curtain and learn about injury prevention, injury management, rehabilitation strategies, and the latest advancements with our esteemed, highly experienced speaker, who has worked closely with famous cricketers and in association with Karnataka Rehabilitation Centre. Join us as we explore the field of sports medicine in depth. Network with likeminded peers and try to determine whether you’d like a future in this field. 

Ticket Price: Rs 250/-

Physiotherapy Treatment
Child Counseling

Child psychiatry

It is often said that diagnosing a child is much harder than diagnosing an adult, because at least the adult can tell you what symptoms they’re having. However, when it comes to mental health, not even adults can accurately describe how they think and feel. It goes without saying that it takes a great degree of skill and mettle to identify and manage psychiatric disorders in the younger age groups. Gain insight into this field with our expert speaker, engage in lively discussions with peers, and familiarize yourself with evidence-based treatment options and interventions. Who knows, perhaps you’ll walk out with a vested interest in child psychiatry!

Ticket Price: Rs 200/-

Advances in gastroenterology

Wanna expand your GI knowledge past “loose stools” and “constipation”? You’ve come to the right place! Learn what’s fresh and exciting in the world of gastroenterology and familiarize yourself with popular techniques, guided by an esteemed professionals in the field. Now is as good as time as any to figure out if your calling is gastroenterology! Join us and help foster a vibrant academic environment that is conducive to learning, networking, and collaboration.

Ticket Price: Rs 200/-

Stomach Ache
Image by Jonathan Borba

Advances in obstetrics

OBG is a speciality in which you would get to witness the miracle of life day-in and day-out. Whether it’s your calling on not, none can deny how fascinating is it to watch life teeter on the edge and the euphoric exhilaration that comes with playing God and safely delivering a new life into the world. Step into the shoes of a highly qualified and experienced obstetrician and let our esteemed speaker take you through the highlights of their career and what the future looks like.

Ticket Price: Rs 250/-

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