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The only time you'll get rewarded for being argumentative or a know-it-all!

Click through to see the registration parameters for quizzes, emergency action summit, and the presentation events.
Students of all years and disciplines are welcome to take part in all the other competitions.

Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-

Research presentation


Scholar Showdown invites enthusiastic medical researchers to showcase their work on a national platform, to peers and pioneers of medical science. At INSIGHT 2023, we aspire to create a vibrant atmosphere to facilitate the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. 


Participants shall present their original research papers or posters before a panel of judges and an audience, striving to deliver their findings with clarity, coherence, and comprehensibility. As scientists, the onus is not only to do groundbreaking research but also to effectively bring new information to the masses in a way that is beneficial and impactful.

Deadline to submit research and case abstracts: 31 July, 2023.

Ticket Price: Rs 500/-

Needs to be paid only after abstract is approved

Pre-clinical and para-clinical quizzes 

Attention, all medical enthusiasts! Are you ready to put your pre-clinical and para-clinical knowledge to the test? Join us for a quizzing experience that will not only showcase your medical knowledge, but allow you to use your critical thinking skills and have an exciting learning experience. Each round will present unique challenges that will be designed to both educate and entertain. Register now and win cash prizes up to 10,000 rupees!

Ticket Price: Rs 450/- per team for each quiz
Teams of 2 or 3 are allowed for the same price

Image by Mathew Schwartz
Business Presentation

BEYOND THE CONVENTIONAL -- case report presentation

Beyond the conventional aims to highlight the unusual and novel conditions in the medical field. The competition focuses on delving into rare case presentations and enlightening both the medical fraternity and the student community about paradoxes in the field.

Ticket Price: Rs 500/-

Needs to be paid only after abstract is approved

EMERGENCY ACTION SUMMIT -- A health crisis committee

Attention, all aspiring health diplomats and policy-makers!

 The Emergency Action Summit invites you to showcase your

skills in debating, persuasion, negotiation, and policy-making

when confronted by an health crisis.


The Emergency Action Summit is an ad hoc health crisis event,

where participants will be challenged to collaborate and creatively address a simulated health crisis.


Participants will step into the shoes of leaders and stakeholders in the healthcare field, aiming to develop realistic and effective solutions while keeping the interests of those they represent in mind.


The event will follow formal discussion procedures, such as those used in Model United Nations and Mock Parliament, providing participants with a structured platform to engage in dynamic and substantive discussions.


Join us at the Emergency Action Summit and seize the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities as you navigate the complexities of a health crisis. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare policy-making.

Copy of Ramaiah Medical College ( A constituent of Ramaiah university of Applied Sciences-

Diagnostic quiz

Image by Accuray

“Time once lost, is lost forever”

As healthcare professionals, we understand the bearing of this phrase better than anyone else. Presenting to you, a one-of-a-kind diagnostic quiz that will challenge you and intrigue you like none other! Taking inspiration from the viral “60s to diagnose a disease” trend, we the students at Ramaiah Medical College present to you, Golden HRx!

So get your knuckles cracking, it’s time to showcase your skills!

Ticket Price: Rs 600/- per team
Teams of 2 or 3 are allowed for the same price


Are you always winning arguments with your friends? Do you love public speaking? Could you could sell ice to an Eskimo? 

Put your debate skills to the test with the Mega Debate! 


This competition consists of 3 rounds - each round set in a different format of debate. This includes formal debate, turncoat, and shipwreck! 

To emerge as the winner, you must be able to use your argumentation, creativity, persuasion and reasoning to escape elimination at the end of each round. 

This isn’t an ordinary debate, this is Mega-debate.

Ticket Price: Included w delegate fee for online registrations

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

A medical mystery

Image by Phil Botha

Step right up and challenge yourself with the Albatross Medical Mystery!

This competition takes inspiration from the infamous albatross soup puzzle, with a medical twist, creating an engaging and thought-provoking experience unlike any other. At the heart of this quiz lies a captivating narrative that unravels as you progress. To unveil the full picture, you must piece together fragments the story by asking yes or no questions, each which serves as a puzzle piece, to figure out case history and potential cause of death. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Ticket Price: Rs 200/-

Just A Minute!

If you’ve been accused of being talkative before, a veritable motormouth, now is your time to shine! Speak for as long as you can and win a prize for it! The only catch is that you’ll have to follow the JAM Master’s rules -- no stopping, no stuttering, no wild deviations from the topic. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp -- if a fellow participant fails to follow these rules while speaking, you get to JAM them and steal the spotlight! Are you up for the challenge?

Ticket Price: Included w delegate fee for online registrations

Image by noor Younis

Board game triathlon

Take a short break from academics and test your friendships with our board game triathlon! Register in teams of two or three to play Pictionary, Taboo, and Dumb Charades in succession. The only twist? All prompts will be related to either medicine or med student life. Aim for the highest score in each event, go head-to-head with the other teams, and stand a chance to win big!

Ticket Price: Included w delegate fee for online registrations


Have you ever idly thought to yourself, “This could make

life easier” while on clinical postings? Here is your chance

to bring your creative solutions to the table and potentially

revolutionize the medical industry!


The IDEAthon is a trailblazing competition that scouts for

young medical entrepreneurs. Innovate and develop ideas

that have the potential to improve healthcare

infrastructure and accessibility. Showcase your

groundbreaking projects to a wide audience, including

industry professionals, investors, and medical pioneers. Hone your confidence and communication by presenting your project in front of a live audience and our expert panel of judges. 


Regardless of whether you win or not, the judges will provide feedback and guidance to help your refine your ideas and explore its commercial potential. Build your network, and if you’re lucky, be contacted by tech pioneers in the judging panel or audience to help make your proposal a reality!

Ticket Price: Rs 200/- per head

Team can consist of up to 4 people

Needs to be paid only after approval of idea

Please fill this form to submit your entry: Submit now 

Here are some references related to how the event is going to be-
1) It's a IDEA pitching competition so w
orking prototypes are not required.
2) NO FUNDING' will be provided.
3) Instead of Venture Capitalist we have panel of expert judges!!

Image by ameenfahmy
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