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Online Events

In the digital age, science communication and learning is no longer limited to lectures and seminars! Show off both your creativity and medical knowledge with our array of online events. 

All online events are included with the base delegate fee

Submission links will be sent out on the WhatsApp community. Your submissions will be posted on our social media and amount of likes / engagement will partially play a role in deciding winners. Be sure to follow our socials and help the best participant win!

distracted bf.jpeg


Are you the Chandler of your friend group? Is 60% of your Instagram feed just memes? Have you been accused of being chronically online? Welcome, this is where you let your wry world-weariness take centre stage! Make a compilation of 5 original memes and stand a chance to win a cash prize!

Woman Holding a Camera


You don't get through med school without hearing the adage, "The eyes see only what the mind knows" at least once. Let's see if this holds true outside the medical field - apply your creativity and knowledge to take a visually striking photograph. May the best shutterbug win!

Film Reels

Reel it in

It's tricky to combine entertainment and education but science influencers have been doing a phenomenal job of it since the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Do you think you have what it takes to be an effective, entertaining science communicator? Find out in this event!

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