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New updates!

14 Aug 2023

Everything that has changed from the launch until now

Firstly and most importantly, due to popular demand, we will be collecting ticket fees online! You will be contacted personally on WhatsApp, on the contact number you have provided during registration, with the sum total to be paid and the relevant bank details. No cancellations are possible at this stage, except for OCULI (refer below). All delegates will be expected to pay the sum total of their ticket fees.

However, after payment, you may resell your ticket to friends or any interested participant. We will not mediate the payment itself, but we can facilitate it by sharing the ticket details and your contact details on the announcements page and our social media.

Please note that the new ticketholder must also pay the delegate fees for the ticket to be valid, if they haven't already.


Now, on to the other changes!

  1. The preliminary round of all the quizzes will be held ONLINE, on 5th and 6th August. Registration for the prelims is separate and bypasses the delegate fee payment. You can register for the prelims using the links below: INQUISITO 1 - INQUISITO 2 - GOLDEN HRx - For those who have reserved tickets for quizzes alone and paid the delegate fee, we will issue the refund contingent to your registration in the prelims.

  2. You can register for the quizzes in teams of 2 or 3 for the same ticket fee. For GOLDEN HRx alone, teams composed of more than 1 intern are allowed.

  3. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, the OCULI workshop has been rescheduled. Old timings: Saturday, 12th August - 2pm to 4pm New timings: Friday, 11th August - 1pm to 3pm We understand that some of you will be unable to attend due to the change in schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be accepting cancellations for OCULI alone, if you wish to rescind.

  4. The abstract submission deadline for BEYOND THE CONVENTIONAL and SCHOLAR SHOWDOWN has been extended up to 3rd August 2023. The list of approved abstracts will be announced on the delegates WhatsApp community shortly thereafter.

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