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Registration parameters

Scholar Showdown -- Research presentation

  • Both undergraduates and postgraduates are welcome

  • UG and PG students will be judged separately

  • There will be 2 rounds:

    • Preliminary round → Online submission of abstracts 

    • Final round → In person, at Ramaiah Medical College

  • Only original research abstracts are accepted 

  • Participants may present either their paper or poster

  • Systematic review and meta-analysis are considered for poster presentation 

  • Participants must mail their abstracts to by 26 July 2023, 11:59 PM

  • Abstracts that are not sent in PDF format will not be accepted 

  • The title of the abstract PDF must follow this format: [TITLE OF PROJECT]-[SUBJECT]-[PAPER/POSTER].pdf

  • Preliminary round involves screening of abstracts

  • The list of approved abstracts will be posted on our website 

  • Cross-college teams are allowed 

  • Oral paper presentation is a team event (PowerPoint presentation)​

    • Team of 2 people ​

    • Both participants must be authors on the paper

  • Poster presentation is an individual event

  • The abstract should include
    1. Title
    2. Study type - Observational study / Randomized control trial / Systematic review and Meta-analysis
    3. Introduction / Background
    4. Objectives
    5. Study Design / Methodology
    6. Results
    7. Conclusion
    8. Authors and details (include the name of the author, institution, and mail id)

  • The word limit for the abstract is 700 words, excluding the title and the author's details.

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and results in elimination from the competition.

  • Further details will be given after the preliminary round

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